Create your own artistic mischief!

zentangle self portrait

Bohemiangirl is a Certified Zentangle Teacher in the Roanoke, VA area.

I was one of those “can’t draw a stick figure” people. Give me some beads and thread, or yarn and a hook, or even cross-stitch thread and a needle, and I was in my element. Hand me a pen and paper and I’d laugh. If anyone had told me that I would teach other people how to create art with a pen and paper, I wouldn’t have believed them.

Then I found Zentangle. Not only am I creating art that I like, it relaxes me! And I LOVE teaching  people how to find that focus and sense of peace. I also like proving people wrong when they say they can’t draw! If you can make a dot, line, S shape, C shape and something that looks like a circle, you can make a Zentangle. Give me 2 hours and an open mind, and you’ll leave with an amazing piece of art and a stress management technique you can use for a lifetime.

- Bohemiangirl